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Scot Young Rapid Mop Complete


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The ‘grab it and go’ Rapid Mop is a low cost bucketless flat mopping system
• Light and mobile, perfect for microfibre flat mops
• Rapid Mop provides controllable moisture to give smear free dry floors Ideal for daytime cleaning in lightly soiled areas
• Lightweight alloy handle with 480ml internal reservoir & colour coded rings simply push fits on to Rapid Mop Head
• Add your choice of SYR 40cm flat mop with quick and easy Hook & Loop Fastening attachment
• Supplied complete with Rapid Mop polypropylene 40cm flat mop frame
• The Rapid Mop works by using the handle of the mop as a cleaning solution reservoir A thumb operated button on top of the handle pumps solution forwards out of 3 jets placed just above the pad holder so that the pad can utilise the moisture to clean The pad uses Hook & Loop Fastening to attach to the holder The reservoir is replenished via the removable pump button at the top of the handle