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Micro Jumbo System Toilet Rolls 24 x 125 metres


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The Micro Jumbo toilet roll system is one of the most versatile and economical toilet roll dispensing systems around.  Designed to eliminate stub roll waste, the usage is controlled by a unique slide mechanism which only allows access to one roll at a time.  Compact enough to fit into the smallest of cubicles, this product will fit neatly into all twin micro jumbo dispensers and is a good way to ensure paper never runs out as a second roll is always on hand.  This system is great for areas where high usage of toilet tissue is required such as hospitals, motorway services, public toilets, schools and large office complexes.

Features & Benefits

*Great value

*24 rolls x 125m per case

*Waste is substantially reduced

*Superior performance

*Over use is eliminated

*2ply, white